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Edible oil refining machine

Edible oil refining machine

Introduction of edible oil refining machine:

Oil refining is a method of removing harmful impurities and unnecessary substances in crude oil in order to increase the storage stability, flavor and color of the crude oil. Then get a standard edible oil, or provide qualified materials for further processing.

Edible oil refining machine workflow:

Crude  oil →Degumming → Deacidification  → Decolorization →Deodorization → (Winterization/Fractionation) → Standard edible oil

Function of edible oil refining machine:

Degumming :Adding water and little P-acid to combined with the impurities and then remove the gum.

Deacidification :Using alkali like (NaOH) to neutralize FFA in oil, during edible oil refinery machinery it will get nigre, then separating it from the oil.

Decolorization: using the active clay to absorb the pigment in oil, then separating the waste clay. You will get light yellow color oil.

Deodorization : the crude oil smells not good, it will affect of oil storage and price. So during edible oil refinery machinery,we usually use the direct steam to take away odors. At the meanwhile, it can also remove water and FFA from oil.

Winterization/fractionation :Oil is consist of triacylglycerol with different melting point.under a  specified temperature,there will has some solid part come out from oil,it will affect the appearance and price.winterization and fractionation is to remove or separate the solid part to get fully liquid edible is suitable for some kinds of vegetable oil,like rice bran oil,sunflower oil,corn germ oil,palm oil etc.